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This section includes miscellaneous links to related websites (in chronological order of insertion), both in the areas of hypnosis/hypnotism, mentalism/magic and psychic stuff. To establish a reciprocal link, please add our website to your Links section and submit your URL so we can do likewise.

Mainly Mentalism/Magic

Michael Ammar - Award-winning magician, author and lecturer.
Bruce Bernstein - Mentalist and author from Chicago, Illinois.
Chuck Hickok - Mentalist and motivational speaker, author of "Mentalism, Inc".
David Berglas - Well-known magician and mentalist from UK.
Bill Palmer - Magician and owner of the "Adesso Verlag" publishing company.
P.E.A. - Official site of the Psychic Entertainers' Association.
John Riggs - Mentalist and psychic reader, author of numerous books.
La Porta Magica - Italian studio specializing in magic and mentalism books and videos.
Banachek - Mentalism author, performer and lecturer, also know
n for the "Alpha Project".
Tony Binarelli - Italian TV magician, author of "My Way to Mentalism".
Lior Manor - Mentalism and mind control from Israel.
Marc Salem - US performer from the off-Broadway show "Mind Games".
Doc Eason - Rocky Mountains' bar magic.
Kenton Knepper - Mentalism and cold reading from the Wonder Wizards website.
Zebulon Interactive Magic Tricks and Games -
Free magic tricks at Zebulon Interactive: magic tricks and games to download, magic forum and online magic trick shop.
The Deceptionary - Doug Dyment's mentalism books and products.
Magicbunny.co.uk - "England's Premier Magic Web Forum"
Magic circle, South Africa - The South African community of professional magicians, mentalists and hypnotists
Steve Drury : Magic + Mystery Entertainment - Childrens Magic Parties - magician entertainment by Steve Drury. Traditional magic, mystical illusions, puppetry, balloons and more - for children. Parties schools, events and weddings. Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk.
Waltrick - Swiss professional magician mentalist performing for corporate events worldwide in English, French, German or Spanish.
Mago Darus - Mentalist performer for corporate events, private parties and wedding in Italy.
Randall (Randy) Schostag - has been doing magic for more than 50 years. His shows are unique, specifically intended for family and corporate venues. He performs magic or mentalism with a strong focus on audience participation. If you're looking for something unique and unusual and want to really get value for the money, contact him now. Bookings must be made at least 30 days in advance.
Magic Hut Online - Magic Tricks D'lite Magic Sets: Selection of magic tricks, magic kits, card tricks and our best seller Magic Spinbee. Buy With Confidence!
Tricks - Welcome to MagicTricks.co.uk - the UK's leading online magic tricks store. This magic shop is crammed with thousands of magic tricks and effects that are suitable for beginners and experts, young and old alike.

Tony Curtis Magic - Manufacturer of quality magic equipment in Thailand.
Milwaukee Wisconsin Magician - Great Scott. Offering Assembly Programs for schools in Wisconsin and Illinois.
Mentalism Knowledge Card Tricks

Troye the Hip Hypnotist - Stage hypnotist and close up magician from South Africa.
Magician Singapore Booking - A magic website in Singapore, containing a useful index of over 300 illusionism words





Mainly Hypnosis/Hypnotism

Dr. Nicola Dexter - Hypnotherapist/stress management consultant from London, England. Contributor to Stop-Smoking Mentalism (Session trance-script).
Dr. Maurice Kouguell - Hypnotherapist from Exeter, New Hampshire. Director of the Brookside Center for Counseling and Hypnotherapy. Contributor to Stop-Smoking Mentalism (Scripts adjustments).
Mark Tyrrell of Uncommon Knowledge Ltd. - Hypnotist from Brighton, England. Contributor to Stop-Smoking Mentalism (General induction).
Jef Gazley, LMFT - Hypnotherapist from Scottsdale, Arizona. Author of various hypnosis tapes. Click here to visit his second website.
Dr. Dylan Morgan - Hypnotist from Leeds, UK. Author of various hypnotherapy books. Click here to visit his second website.
Dr. Bryan M. Knight - The Hypnosis Headquarters, on the web since 1995. The site includes the International Registry of Professional Hypnotherapists.
Geoffrey Ronning - the internet Stage Hypnosis Center.
Directories of NLP and Reiki Practitioners - A resource list of trainers, coaches, educators, health professionals, therapists and counsellors who use NLP or Reiki as part of their practice.
The Hypnosis Directory - Part of Dr Bryan Knight's vast Hypnosis Headquarters website
www.hypnosisdirectory.net -
A large directory of hypnosis-related websites.
https://bestsleephealth.com/anxiety/: A self-hypnosis guide to sleeping with the Coronavirus anxiety...
The Harmony Practice - Hypnotist running one-on-one, real world conversational and social hypnosis training in Bristol, UK.
Australian Centre of Clinical Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy Melbourne - Clinical Hypnotherapy for Melbourne Australia.
ENHANCED HEALING - Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self-esteem.
Your Marriage Counselor - Dr. Marty Tashman provides a website that is an excellent resource for anyone seeking a marriage counselor or help with their relationship.
Hypnotherapy Melbourne - Bruce Alexander, a Hypnotherapist based in Victoria, Australia
Psychology & Psychotherapy Books ("Ortho. Pedagogiek & Teamontwikkeling") - Selling books on Sociology, Philosophy, Psychotherapy, Coaching studies and Management techniques.
Standing ovations - An entertainment agent for Southern Africa, specialising in booking comedy stage hypnotists.
Portland Hypnotherapy - Shirley Kimmell is a Certified Hypnotist at the Portland Hypnotherapy Center, offering private hypnosis sessions focused on losing weight, quitting smoking, lowering anxiety and curing other ailments.
Hypnotherapy Gold Coast Queensland: Abby Eagle - NLP, hypnotherapy and meditation for weight loss, stop smoking, eating disorders, problem drinking, anxiety and panic attacks, asthma, phobias, insomnia and sleep disorders, pain management and stress management. Gold Coast Australia Hypnotherapy Clinic.
Advanced Hypnotherapy Sydney - Provides the guidance and support for you to make positive changes in your life.
Deborah Mertlich Therapy - Lake Oswego Therapy & Counseling clinic works with individuals, groups & families struggling with anxiety issues & disorders. Therapist & counselor Deborah Mertlich helps people live better.
Hypnotherapy Confidence - Acumen Clinical Hypnotherapy, Australia.
Hypnosis Research - A website summarizing critical hypnosis and hypnotherapy related research - helping to show the efficacy of hypnosis via scientific means.
Portland Psychotherapy - Portland Therapy & Counseling clinic works with individuals & groups struggling with depression & anxiety. The therapists & counselors at Portland Psychotherapy help people feel better & live better.
Romy Rafael - Leading Hypnotherapist in Indonesia. Corporate Entertainer, Speaker and certified Therapist.

HypnosisOnline.com - Hypnosis Online - Everything about Hypnosis Online.

While not directly involved with hypnosis, the following websites deal with stop-smoking issues and were mentioned in the Stop-Smoking Mentalism page:

Len Johnson - Author and owner of the "Smoke No More" website.
Mark Jordan
- Promoter of the charitable organization "Stop Smoking for Free".
Roland Kriewaldt - Author and owner of the "RealityCheckers - Clearing the Path to Joy" website.
Mark Whalen - Author and owner of the PresMark Publishing Company.

Mainly Psychic issues

PSYCHIC DIRECTORY -  The UK`s number 1 psychic directory, designed to help you finding a psychic in your area. Vast directory of psychics throughout England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales.
Accurate Online Psychic Readings
- The Psychics & Mediums Network provides personal psychic phone readings with a spiritual approach to online readings. The site has a vast amount of paranormal resources including free numerology pages, ghost hunting pages, a "Who was I in a Past Life" section and a Online Psychic Community.


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