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Payment: ordering methods, credit cards issues, security concerns, purchase locations, returnable items, wholesale orders etc.

Shipment: S&H costs, delivery time, registration/tracking numbers etc.

Ebooks: formats, troubleshooting, download problems, files types, compression, printing issues etc.

Newsletter: subscription, frequency, privacy, change of email, suspension, deletion, back issues etc.

Website & Links exhange: reciprocal links, ads, banners, broken links, passwords etc.

Wholesale: affiliates, distributors, resellers etc.

Stop-Smoking Mentalism: ALL possible questions about the methodology, settings, requirements, preparation, limitations, skill levels, success rate, consequences, memory work, formats, translations etc.

Miscellaneous Issues: everything that didn't fit above... submissions, affiliates, authors contacts, audio files, updates, signed copies etc.




Q: I successfully completed the order by using the online system, but didn't receive any confirmation email.
The confirmation message is sent immediately after the payment. If you didn't receive it, there are different solutions:
1. Please check your junk folder to make sure that the email hasn't been erroneously spammed: simply add that email address to your safe list / address book, or follow the white-listing procedure of your ISP / email provider to receive future communications.
2. Depending on your email provider, the messages may take longer to be processed (especially in the case of free email services, such as Yahoo or Hotmail). If you didn't receive the confirmation email after a few hours, the navigation might have been interrupted before the complete loading of our order confirmation page. In any case, please contact us , and we will check that your order has actually been processed. 

Q: Which credit cards do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Optima, Diner's Club, JCB, EuroCard, Carte Blanche and Carte Bleue (restrictions may apply in some countries). We do not accept Switch cards at this time. You can use a debit card as a credit card, as long as the debit card has a credit card logo printed on it.

Q: Is ordering online secure?
Yes, you will be transferred to a secure website used by millions of users worldwide. For added security and privacy reasons, we do not store your credit card details. Should you wish to order offline, you can use our order form.

Q: Can I pay by credit card without using the online system?
Yes, you can order by phone or send us your credit card details by fax or conventional mail: please click here for the order form. If you order by conventional mail, please use a registered mail or courier AND let us know the relevant registration/tracking number, along with the order details (i.e. items ordered and your shipment address).

Q: I tried to order but the Paypal payment system is refusing my credit card / billing address!
A: Paypal may decline your credit card, depending on a variety of factors (insufficient funds, high number of reimbursement requests, invalid combination of address/zip code etc.); please simply select the "Credit Card" option in our payment processing system, without using Paypal as an intermediary.

Q: Will I receive the bonus Ebooks if I order offline?
Yes, simply remember to indicate your email address in the order form: you will receive both the order confirmation and the download link to the Ebooks.

Q: I am a returning customer, why do I have to insert my contact details and credit card number again?
For security and privacy reasons, we do not store your contact / credit card details.

Q: I don't have a credit card, how can I order?
You can also order by Paypal, Bank Draft (both ACH and international wire transfer), Purchase Order, Money Order and Check: please click here for the relevant order page.
Alternatively, you could also send cash by mail: in this case, please send the completed order form by registered mail or courier AND let us know its registration/tracking number, along with the order details (i.e. items ordered and your shipment address).

Q: Why should I provide my telephone number in the Payment page?
A: The "Telephone" field is not mandatory, but it may be useful in case the carrier needed to call you to deliver your order. Please note we highly respect your privacy (see our Privacy Policy).

Q: Are books returnable?
As all "secret" publications, books are not returnable; but of course, items bearing manufacturing defects will be promptly replaced at no cost. 

Q: I sent you an order by conventional mail but didn't receive any answer.
Please contact us and provide the details of your order. When ordering by conventional mail, we strongly advise to send your envelope by registered mail or courier AND let us know its registration/tracking number, along with the order details (i.e. items ordered and your shipment address).




Q: Do you accept international orders?
A: Yes, we have thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, from Argentina to Taiwan!

Q: Which shipment methods do you use?
A: We use UPS for North America, and Royal Air Mail for international orders (shipped from UK).

Q: Do you provide tracking numbers?
A: Yes, unless you provide a PO Box address: in that case, your parcel will not be trackable/insurable.

Q: Do you ship to PO boxes?
A: Yes, but those orders are not trackable/insurable.

Q: What are the shipment costs?
A: We only charge a flat 5 USD rate for shipping and handling worldwide - unless otherwise noted (pre-orders and special offers generally include free shipment worldwide).

Q: What is the average delivery time?
For Ebooks, the download link is generated immediately after the online payment. For printed books, it obviously depends on the destination (generally around one week, as we ship from both the US and the UK).

Q: [For Paypal payments only] Can I have my order shipped in a different country than my billing address?
Yes, simply indicate the international shipping address in the optional field called "Shipment Notes".

Q: I ordered a printed book but didn't receive it yet.
Customers in North America and in most European countries automatically receive the shipment tracking number within 2 business days, and are able to check the status of their parcel with the courrier. In other areas, this option is not always available: if you are unsure about the status of your order, simply contact us.




Q. I completed my online order, how can I download the bonus ebooks?
A. The download link is generated immediately after the completion of the order. If you did not receive it (due to emails filters) or if it did not show up in the final order page (due to scripts filter), please contact us to obtain a new link.

Q: I tried to download my hypnosis Ebooks, but the username/password you sent me are being refused.
The password is case-sensitive: please check your CAPS LOCK key to make sure you don't have caps inadvertently enabled, and remove any extra spaces before or after the username and/or password. Also, due to heavy web traffic, the download area may be temporarily inaccessible - simply try again after a few hours. If the problem persists, you may be trying to log in too many weeks after your order (we change the passwords regularly for security reasons): in that case, please contact us to obtain a new password. 

Q: I can't download my hypnosis Ebooks, even if the password has been accepted.
There are different solutions:
1. Your internet browser may be trying to open the Ebook instead of downloading it. If your browser doesn't give you the choice, you should right-click on the Download link, select "Save as..." and browse to a convenient location in your hard disk.
2. If the download process doesn't start, there might be a broken link: while the Underwords Ebooks are available from our own website, some bonus manuscripts are hosted by external providers - please contact us if you find a broken link.
3. If the download process stops halfway, you may have a slow internet connection, and/or the Ebook may have a large size due to pictures or other embedded data. In this case, you may want to try again or use a free download manager such as Flashget (www.flashget.com).
4. Due to heavy web traffic, the download area may be temporarily inaccessible - simply try again later. If the problem persists, please contact us.

Q: I downloaded my hypnosis Ebooks but can't open them.
There are different solutions:
1. Some Ebooks are compressed into a single package (i.e. with a .zip or .rar extension) and require the free software Winzip or WinRar to be unpacked. The necessary software can be downloaded for free at winzip.com or winrar.com.
2. All our Ebooks are in PDF format: hence, they require the free software Adobe Acrobat Reader. Make sure that you have a recent version of Acrobat, and that the software is properly installed in your computer. If you don't have it, the latest version can be downloaded at no cost by clicking on the logo below.

Download Acrobat

3. If you already have working versions of the necessary software, please try to download the Ebook again, since the download process may occasionally corrupt a file.
4. When applicable, make sure you are typing your opening password correctly. The password is case-sensitive: please check your CAPS LOCK key to make sure you don't have caps inadvertently enabled, and remove any extra spaces before or after the password.
A few bonus Ebooks, provided by external sources, may have a different extension (for example .exe for self-contained executables, or .doc for MS Word documents) aimed at Windows platforms: if you have a different operating system, please contact the relevant Ebook producer to enquire about the availability of different formats.

Q: I can't print your hypnosis Ebooks.
All our Ebooks are printer-friendly PDF files - please check your printer connections, and make sure that the latest version of Acrobat Reader is properly installed. Please also note that some .exe Ebooks, provided by external sources, may have printing limitations (set up by the respective authors).

Q: Can I print 2 or more pages of an Ebook into a single A4 page?
Yes, you can use free PDF utilities such as Fine Print (www.fineprint.com).

Q: Can I purchase your Ebooks in printed format?
No, those publications are now available in digital format only. However, the Ebooks have been optimized for your printer (in the standard A4 format).

Q: What are the technical restrictions of your PDF Ebooks?
All Adobe Acrobat functions are allowed (copying/pasting, printing, adding comments or notes, zoom, keywords search etc.) except modifying the original text. Please note that other restrictions may apply in the case of Ebooks provided by external sources .



Q: The newsletter subscription button does not work.
You may have an old browser / operating system, or some scripts-processing functions of your browser may have been disabled. To sign up in an alternative way, please click here.

Q: I subscribed to your free newsletter but didn't receive anything yet.
There are different reasons:
1. We enforce a strict no-spam policy: after signing up, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription (in case somebody inserted your email without your permission): you need to click on the link in that message to actually activate your subscription.
2. Please check your junk folder to make sure that the newsletter hasn't been erroneously spammed: simply add the Underwords email address to your safe list / Address Book, or follow the white-listing procedure of your ISP or email provider to receive our communications.
In any case, please note that the newsletter is only sent to inform you about important news and events (about 4 times a year).

Q: I want to unsubscribe from the newsletter.
The simple instructions are provided in the Welcome message and at the bottom of each newsletter: simply click on the relevant link to be removed from our list.

Q: I want to change my email address.
Please unsubscribe by following the link at the bottom of each newsletter, and subscribe again with your new email address.

Q: I want to temporarily suspend the newsletter subscription.
Please simply unsubscribe from the newsletter, and sign up again when needed.

Q: Can I obtain back issues?
No, because the newsletter only contains announcements of new publications/events and pre-order discounts on new releases. For reference purposes, click here to view a sample newsletter (in text format).


Website & Links Exchange

Q: How can I establish a reciprocal link or exchange my banner with you?
A: Simply insert a link to our website and/or our banner, and contact us so we can do likewise. For reference purposes, our contact details and banners' information are as follows:
Name: Underwords Publishing
Description: Publisher of Exclusive Books for Mentalists, Hypnotists and Psychic Entertainers.
Address: 207 - 1425 Marine Drive, Vancouver BC - Canada V7T 1B9
Tel. +1-866-308-3388
Fax: +1-604-677-7476
Website: http://www.underwords.com

The direct link to our standard-sized (460x60), high-resolution banner is www.underwords.com/banner.gif

                           Underwords Banner

Should you need other resolutions or sizes, you can download all our banners at:

If you wish to insert a text-only HTM code, you can use:
<a href="http://www.underwords.com">Underwords Publishing</a>: Rare and exclusive arcane books. Publisher of <a href="http://www.underwords.com/stop_smoking_mentalism.htm">"Stop-Smoking Mentalism"</a>.

Q: Do you accept ads?
No, this site is ads-free: the links or banners must be reciprocal.

Q: A download is not working / a page is not loading.
Please let us know, reporting the location of the problem. While we strive to keep this website free of broken links, some of the contents are hosted by external providers, and the addresses may change from time to time.

Q: How can I have my website listed in your "Recommended Dealers" page?
A: This page is reserved to our distributors (please see the "Wholesale" section below for further information). However, should you wish to have a link to your website in our general Links page, please link to us and we will do likewise.



Q: What are your wholesale conditions?
A: We offer convenient discounts and free shipment worldwide; please contact us for further details.

Q: Where are your distributors located?
A: Please check our Distributors directory for an updated list by country.

Q: Do you have an affiliate program for Ebooks?
Not for Ebooks. However, we offer competitive wholesale discounts and affiliate drop-shipment options (from both USA and UK) on printed books: please contact us for more details.

Miscellaneous issues


Q: Can I submit manuscripts, articles, Ebooks or reviews for your consideration?
Yes, we read everything (eventually...)

Q: How can I contact the authors?
Please check their respective websites in the Links section.

Q: I can't open an hypnosis audio file.
The files are in MP3 format, and require an audio player software such as Winamp (www.winamp.com) or Musicmatch (www.musicmatch.com), which can be downloaded free of charge.

Q: What does your logo mean?
A: Check out our logo page!

Q: Can I purchase signed copies of a book?
No, no books were signed so far - but we may introduce limited hardbound editions, numbered and signed. These books will not be publicized - please sign up to our free newsletter (see box below) to be informed about their availability.

Q: How can I get updates of your catalog?
To be informed about new publications and pre-order discounts, please subscribe to our free newsletter by entering your email address in the box below.


Stop Smoking Mentalism


Q: [asked on a daily basis] I am a ... [fill in the blank] - is this book for me?
The book is mainly aimed at Hypnotists, Mentalists, Magicians, Illusionists and Psychic Entertainers wanting to answer the classic request "Can you hypnotize?" in close-up, impromptu settings; Hypnotherapists, NLP practitioners and Psychologists will also have no trouble in presenting the experiment and reframing it according to their specific needs. Beginners should still be able to perform the effect, by devoting the necessary amount of study and practice to it: the book assumes nothing, and contains all the necessary information. In any case, the book is intended for adult readers only - please read our disclaimer.

Q: Can I purchase Stop Smoking Mentalism in Ebook format?
No, this book is only available in hardcopy to keep it more exclusive.

Q: I saw Stop-Smoking Mentalism listed in a generic online bookstore, how is that possible?
After the copyright procedure and other registration issues, a book may be automatically listed in such online catalogues or ISBN/ISSN directories; however, it CANNOT be purchased from there. In any case, we already had the book removed from most generic directories (such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc.); please feel free to contact us if you come across other listings.

Q: Will you prepare a video/DVD of the effect?
No, secrets are best buried in books.

Q: Can I use the method on myself, to stop smoking?
No, this isn't a self-help book!

Q: Does it use "magic tricks"?
... The effect always appears completely propless and gimmickless to both the participant and the audience.

Q: Will the method work every time?
The effect can be as close to 100% as you want/need it to be: all outs are covered.

Q: Do I need a jacket or coat to perform the effect?

Q: Can I present it with short sleeves?

Q: Does the experience leave a physical mark on the participant's hand?

Q: Is it a fail-proof method to stop smoking?
Of course not, but it is certainly not worse than most of the "hypnotic" methods on the market. It can be played seriously or for entertainment purposes, depending on your professional qualifications and target subjects (please read our disclaimer).

Q: Will I need to touch the participant?
No, nobody is ever touched by anybody.

Q: Can the rest of the audience speak to the participant after the effect?

Q: What is the preparation required?
The effect is impromptu. There is absolutely no prepping of the spectators (they can be complete strangers), no warm-up, no preparation of the physical environment, no advance work, no pre-show. You start clean and end clean, with hands shown empty before, during and after.

Q: Does the effect require a real lighted cigarette?
No, the participant only pretends to use an invisible cigarette: the routine can be performed in a no-smoking environment. A non-smokers version is also included.

Q: Can it be immediately repeated for another person/group of people?

Q: Do I need assistants or stooges?
Yes, the spectator is an actor. No, just kidding. Obviously no stooges (not even instant stooges), no assistants.

Q: Can I purchase the book in another language?
No, it is only available in English for the time being.

Q: Can I present the experiment in any language?

Q: Do I need to memorize a long script?
No, the script has been kept short and to the point (and it often cuts both ways, allowing you to use the same patter in different situations). The effect is fast-paced and suitable for modern audiences: no cheat sheets to look at for clues or schedules, no prompters, no cribs. Breakpoints have also been included to shorten the routine when needed. 

Q: Where can I present the experiment?
The effect can be performed under virtually any conditions, from intimate presentations in your friend's living room to full stage shows.

Q: Does the participant have to be standing up or sitting down?
Both cases are possible, depending on your performance settings. The experiment is described with the participant standing up, as it gathers the best results.

Q: Can I perform it on television?
Yes, you are granted full performance rights - including TV settings.

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